Marley Africa Road Trip 2010
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Ziggy, Rohan y Robert Marley, en tierra mundialista
Graban el documental "Marley frica roadtrip"
Por BK Mag Staff - Junio 28 - 2010
Three children of the immortal reggae icon traveled from Los Angeles to South Africa to discover the country, and incidentally capture images. The inspiration for the trip, which they do on a motorcycle, was a trip that his father made throughout the continent 30 years ago to perform at a concert celebrating freedom in Zimbabwe. "We are having fun, but with a purpose," Ziggy launched. 

Although Bob Marley's three children heard horror stories about South Africa, they were encouraged to travel there and tour the towns and cities on Ducati motorcycles. They wanted to see with their own eyes the continent that their father knew about 30 years ago. The dreadlocks brothers in hair say that they are now reliving "a dream of our ancestors and that the family had in mind."

Although they did not plan the trip too much, they detailed that they will arrive “where the roads can be taken,” reports the site The brothers, who live in Los Angeles, left in the last hours the people of the Free State of Parys, in South Africa, where they liked to meet “people from the villages, far from the city.” 

Ziggy said: “We are having fun, but With a goal. That objective is the filming of the documentary "Marley Africa roadtrip." The World Cup ride brought them to the Johannesburg City football stadium on Sunday that Brazil and Ivory Coast met. They also saw Nigeria lose 2-1 with Greece.

Ziggy confessed: "It has been wonderful to come back after a long day and relax watching football. We love it." The musician, a reggae star with his own light, said that Johannesburg was the first city he visited with his brothers in this South African adventure: "We did not have the perception, but people told us it was dangerous," he said.

Not only the documentary and the World Cup parties have them busy, also the football fans are tasting typical food of the place They have tried some foods - including samp, which Rohan described as "very nice".

Improvisadísimos. The trio's bodyguard told The Times that one of the brothers discovered that he had prepared a single pair of jeans and would have to get more clothes. He also said that the reservation of the accommodations is made very much on the hour because they do not plan too much “where are you going to stay”.

The documentary is directed by David Alexanian, who filmed the motorcycle crossing of Ewan McGregor, Long Way Round and Long Way Down for the BBC. Alexanian said filming began in Los Angeles: "We've been traveling a lot since we arrived in South Africa." He added: "Our goal is to spend the next few weeks with people. Not only in the city but with townspeople, and colliding in unknown territory. ”

"Johannesburg is a magnificent city. People want us to give them a different idea, but this country is like watching Brazilian football, you will never be disappointed," he said.